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RSA vs ZIM, Potchefstroom

South Africa won by 6 wkts

RSA - 135/4 (15.4 Ovs)
ZIM - 132/7 (20 Ovs)

Summary Scorecard

So, just one more game left in the series before South Africa rev up preparations for Down Under. It's been 5-0 thus far, the scoreline. Can Zimbabwe get off the mark or will they head home with a clean slate? We shall know the answers on Sunday. The last and final T20I's at Willowmoore Park, Benoni. It's a day game, remember. Until next time, goodbye and good night!!

Faf: It was one of my best games so far. On a surface that wasn't really easy. Paters got the Man of the Match and obviously any of the fast bowlers could have gotten it. We did well in the final few overs, especially with the short boundaries. Few of the guys got bowled and the ball was staying low and you are not sure how much the ball is gonna bounce, but still our batters did well. There's been a lot of guys coming in and sometimes it creates a bit of a headache and it's a good one to have. Other guys getting opportunities are doing well. Looking forward to Australia. The plan is that everyone gets 2 games and that means the skipper is gonna miss out unfortunately in the next game.

Dane Paterson: Quite nice to be playing for the National side. Lots of hardwork behind the scenes, special mention must go to the bowling unit. I spoke to the coach and I needed to work on the new ball and I have been working on it for quite a while. It's just conditions I think, just hitting the good old length was the key today.

20:54 local: 133 was never going to be enough. Although it - the pitch - had some variable bounce, a disciplined bowling effort was needed, but Zimbabwe erred, sprayed it all around and failed to maintain consistency with their lengths. The outcome? They concede victory with 28 balls to spare. All the six South African batsmen got starts and four of them lost their way trying to do something fancy, but if anything, the home team will look to correct that aspect in the next game. Presentations imminent...

15.4 Mpofu to Duminy, FOUR, down the pitch and pulls the short ball behind square. Game over. South Africa win by 6 wickets and seal the series 2-0 with a game to go.

15.3 Mpofu to Miller, 1 run, this slower ball kicks up off the surface and smashes Miller's bottom hand, right on the glove, as he seeks to tuck to leg. That might have stung badly

15.3 Mpofu to Miller, wide, bowls it short loses line in search of that extra pace. Too short and down leg, Miller lets it be

15.2 Mpofu to Miller, no run, drags his length back and keeps it outside off, Miller jumps on the back foot and punches to point

15.1 Mpofu to Miller, FOUR, too full and too predictable from round the wicket, Miller bullets the drive in the gap between extra cover and mid-off. Nailed!

Just a couple of hits away South Africa

14.6 Tendai Chisoro to Miller, 1 run, fired full on off, Miller thuds it through mid-wicket

14.5 Tendai Chisoro to Miller, no run, full and keeps a touch low on middle and off, clipped to mid-wicket

14.4 Tendai Chisoro to Miller, no run, prods across and drives to cover

14.3 Tendai Chisoro to Duminy, 1 run, much quicker than the previous one, driven firmly to long-on

14.2 Tendai Chisoro to Duminy, no run, faster and fuller just outside off, driven to extra cover

14.2 Tendai Chisoro to Duminy, wide, make that two in a row

14.2 Tendai Chisoro to Duminy, wide, short, flat and slips down leg

14.1 Tendai Chisoro to Duminy, no run, chips down the track and tucks to the left of mid-wicket

14.1 Tendai Chisoro to Duminy, wide, darted down leg, wided

Tendai Chisoro [2.0-0-16-0] is back into the attack

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