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RSA vs Pak, Johannesburg

South Africa won by 107 runs

Pak - 273 & 185
RSA - 303 & 262

Summary Scorecard

What's the rush? Quite quiet celebrations, everyone limping in to pose with the trophy. But that doesn't take away the fact that it's been a sweep - clinical at that too. Pakistan have a lot of soul to search for, maybe some of it is still lost to New Zealand's carnage in Abu Dhabi. The Proteas, meawhile would be hoping for a transfer of this momentum into the shorter versions. It's been fun bringing you this, as I, Vineet Anantharaman, sign off on behalf of Abhinand Raghavendran, Akshay Maanay and our scorer Sulthan. Until, both of them turn up in Greens, ta ta!!

Dean Elgar | Winning skipper: This win is right up there; which is what you ask from the boys. I have a fifty-percent win record now and I'll happily retire with it (laughs). We don't have a lot of Tests in this year, five of them, and I've spoken to the boys of what we need from these Tests. We have some temperamental quicks, they buy into your plans and they are awesome sports and incredible cricketers. It was great support over the festive season, but even though people are busy now we've had some wonderful crowds turning up. Extremely proud, and I don't want to take anything away from our efforts.

Duanne Olivier | MoS: Look at the end of the day it is a team effort, and I am glad to be contributing to the team's cause. In the Wanderers there is some bounce and you don't need to bowl all that short and you need to pitch it up fuller; but when I saw my pitch map, I was too short (chuckles). Each bowler is different and each of them brings something different to the table. They batted well, got a bit of a partnership towards the end, but we did really well to pull it back.

Quinton de Kock | MoM: Any Test century would mean a lot to me. I have worked hard on my game over the last couple of years and it is nice to see the results coming out well. Olivier, the big man, has been bowling really well at the moment. He has been doing really well for our franchise and it is great to see him doing it for the country. Dale, the old man, is back. We've missed him and it is great to have him back in our setup.

Sarfaraz Ahmed | Losing skipper: We were in a very nice situation after the first day, but we just didn't capitalize with the bat. Their bowlers bowled really well. The record number of dismissals I have is all because of my hard work and the work the coaches have put in on me. Shan Masood played really well, Babar Azam showed his class too and so did Asad Shafiq. Olivier was one of the best bowlers in the series; he bowled really well and really fast.

Let's not make a mistake, Pakistan were no favourites, but they certainly weren't expected to be such pushovers. Duanne Olivier had 24 of them himself, and Pakistan would need four of their bowlers put together to match him up. Dale Steyn too found a throwback older version of himself, cranking up good pace and nagging around accurately, importantly, without breaking down officially. And then Quinton's keeping the Gilly-number-seven keeper-code alive. Stay put, the presentations coming your way ..

12:08 Local Time: It tells you how sad/uncompetitive the story has been when the ninth and tenth wicket partnerships are one of the best in the innings for Pakistan. Such has been this surrender, but that's not what these last few days are going to be remembered for, for South Africa in their renewed menacing avatar aren't going to let you. 381 was always going to need a miracle, 228 this morning was always going to need a miracle, but Olivier killed the contest inside the first few minutes, sending Babar and Sarfaraz back in successive deliveries. Rabada then cleaned up the nagging li'l end stands, which to be fair, showed a lot more courage and application than some of them in the top-order. And then some crazy running.

65.4 Elgar to Abbas, out Abbas Run Out!! When bouncers, yorkers and edges refuse to get you wickets, trust these tail-enders to throw themselves under the bus with their madness in the running. Abbas couldn't defend Elgar's loop-ups anymore, so he flicks one straight to mid-on - gets more than half way down, is sent back, and Markram's running-in throw from there will do it just fine. Whitewashed -- 3-0. Abbas run out (Markram/de Kock) 9(18) [4s-1]

Elgar to Abbas, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

65.3 Elgar to Abbas, no run, all the loop in this Elgar could have mustered. Sliced uppishly, but not uppishly enough, dropping short of extra cover

65.2 Elgar to Abbas, no run, flatter, base of middle. Jammed out

FYI, and in case you're wondering, lunch has been pushed back by 30 minutes.

65.1 Elgar to Shadab Khan, 1 run, loopy dipping into middle. A whippy drive, clearing his front leg as he does, through extra cover

Dean Elgar, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack

64.6 Olivier to Abbas, no run, big shout. A juicy high full toss swerving in through the air late, beating Abbas' flick to pin him on the outside of the front pad. But again, umpire Ravi isn't satisfied enough

64.5 Olivier to Abbas, no run, kicks up a touch, Abbas adjusts well too, gloving it away from in front of his face to backward point

64.4 Olivier to Abbas, no run, 143kph, hangs out the straight defence, running off the outside edge to gully

64.3 Olivier to Abbas, no run, 137kph, leg-lined, going further down with the angle, past Abbas' inside-the-line glance

64.2 Olivier to Shadab Khan, 1 run, a jumpy pull off the tummy, into deep mid-wicket. Okay, they take the single, the legend of Abbas' batting prowess grows

64.1 Olivier to Abbas, 1 run, runs it away off the outside of the splice straight to backward point, where Markram is sloppy, doesn't get behind the bounce cleanly, helping the number eleven get off strike

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